Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dewey Digger

I am not sure how much students are held to knowing about the Dewey Decimal system as part of the Library curriculum (it probably varies), but the system itself is an interesting use of abstract categorization, a skill that often eludes our students.  Dewey Digger is a very cool visual and interactive look at the system, where a click will bring you to subcategories, then visual search results (I'd recommend going to Google Images at that stage).  It would be a great way to build a lesson around advanced categorization, or naming items associated with a particular category (you'd need to have a specific plan rather than asking students to explore randomly)  The initial page would also be a fun one to explore as sort of a "mystery" task- based on the images scrolling by, what do you think this category is?

Images on this main page continually change, leading to a nice predictive activity in itself

A view after clicking on "colonies," then Google Images, giving students a chance to verbalize some concepts associated with this word.

Thanks to Jane's E-learning Pick of the Day for highlighting this resource.

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