Wednesday, September 15, 2010


iCivics is an incredibly rich and well designed site conceived by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who has been (rightly) concerned that civics is not well-taught in our schools because teachers lack effective materials (um, and time, Your Honor).  iCivics features many simulations allowing students to make decisions from the perspective of government participants (e.g. attorneys arguing an issue before the Supreme Court), and I feel like I would like to revisit it and review specific simulations and their relation to language therapy.  However, I wanted to put it out there as another resource relevant to Constitution Day.  What is marvelous about it is that students are not asked to memorize facts and concepts about our government, but rather instantly apply those toward a learning experience that is likely to stay with them.  The site is highly visual and allows students to click-drag and see the effects of their decisions.  Take some time to explore iCivics, even as Constitution Day passes.  Teachers have so little time to address these standards and they provide a great, meaningful context to address language goals.

From the Branches of Power activity

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  1. thanks to you, i now know the understanding of our government and how it works.