Monday, September 20, 2010

Landform Detectives

Landform Detectives is a great curriculum-based game developed by Filament Games for National Geographic.  The game involves looking at specific landforms (e.g. the Red Sea) and determining the geographic process and timeline that caused them to form.  Great informational videos are delivered by Dr. Bob Ballard to guide you in making your decisions. Search the globe for the green circles- those indicate landforms that are unlocked for you to tackle.  As you complete the landform (about a 5 minute process), more are unlocked.

Language Lens:

  • This activity aligns perfectly with abstract curriculum areas around Geology and Landforms.  Rather than having to memorize landforms and vocabulary words, students operate on a higher level of thinking in order to analyze and even manipulate them.  They are therefore more likely to remember the information about landforms, as it has been made meaningful.
  • Dr. Bob's video clips provide a great opportunity to use auditory comprehension strategies as students are guided toward the correct answer.

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