The SLP Apps List

The SLP Apps List is a resource for anyone interested in apps for mobile devices (iOS- iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android or BlackBerry) that have clinical applications. This is a collaborative document housed in Google Docs, and all with permission and sign-in can access or edit it, with the idea being that it will grow with everyone's contributions (so I am not really in charge of populating it, WE are).

Need ideas for new apps? Check it out periodically and watch as it grows! Got an app you like? Sharing is caring, so go to the doc, click share to request access with your Google account (Gmail, Google Apps email) and after I approve that you can type the description right in. Feel free to edit but please not delete others' contributions. There are some guidelines at the top of the document about how to contribute. I previously made the document open for all to edit without sign-in, but if you can believe it, it got messed with quite a bit by anonymous viewers. I guess unfortunately I have to have people be accountable for their edits.

It's been great seeing this list grow! It's embedded below, and here, again, is the direct link.  I realize that sometimes things happen and you might make an error and mess up this document. That's fine. Please, however, don't just click away from your mess and leave it messy.  You can email me  at and I will happily fix the document.  Thanks!