SpeechTechie by Sean J. Sweeney CCC-SLP is a collaborative resource-sharing blog designed to share ideas and experiences that may inspire your work in therapy sessions, interventions, and teaching in all of its forms.

This blog is not designed to replace skilled evaluation and interventions by a speech-language pathologist (SLP), classroom teacher, specialist or other therapist. If you are seeking an SLP in your area, asha.org is a good place to start.

Clinicians and teachers should use their professional judgment in assessing whether a resource would work/is working/worked for your individual students.  I do not claim to know your population and am cannot recommend specific resources for particular students whom I have not personally assessed. Please understand that I am unable to offer specific advice for your individual clients. My role is to describe "what's out there;" I leave it up to you to choose what is right for your clients. If you would like to email me with general questions about resources presented here, or to suggest others, that would be more than welcome!

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is of course important to me professionally. Clinicians should build EBPs around the resources presented here, because as stated, many of these resources are not designed for speech-language therapy but simply present a meaningful context in which EBP can occur.  For more on this, please see my post on EBP and this blog.