The FIVES Criteria and other FREE Resources

This page contains helpful booklets you can access for free, as well as a list of/links to my columns published for The ASHA Leader.

The FIVES criteria for selecting good tech resources is pretty much a unifying statement for this site and my work as a whole.

In February of 2013 I updated the FIVES criteria to reflect our living in the world of apps, with new examples and some strategies for determining the "F"- changed from "Free or Nearly Free" to "Fairly Priced." The new booklet also contains information on modifying the FIVES criteria for other disciplines outside of Speech-Language Pathology.

The original FIVES booklet was published on the ADVANCE Speech in the Schools Blog. This booklet also contains a more thorough look at each of the criteria, and is useful as a look at web resources.

The original FIVES booklet is available to you for free on Scribd, where you can view or download it (and print if you like).  Hope it's helpful!  Here it is embedded below:

Fives Booklet

I have been honored to be a regular contributor to The ASHA Leader's App-Titude Column. Here are my published columns.

July 2017, App it Up in the City of StarsMobile apps can help you make the most of your trip to convention in Los Angeles. 

April 2017, Joint Parent-Child App Play Can Bolster Language Development: SLPs can show parents how to harness apps to get their children talking at home.

January 2017, Using Apps to Meet Multidisciplinary Treatment Goals: App-based collaboration with other professionals can propel clients’ treatment progress. 

November 2016, Apps to Get Them Chatting: A mobile device doesn’t have to be a conversation-stopper. Some apps can help keep your clients’ conversation flowing. 

September 2016, Welcome to Social Studies: No worries if you’re not a history, civics or economics expert. Apps allow you to draw on these topics to build your students’ language.

August 2016, Tap Your Way to Philadelphia FreedomUse these reliable apps to navigate your learning and networking at convention.

May 2016, A Counselor in Clients' Pockets:Try these visual apps to help clients understand diagnostic information, process emotions and solve problems.

April 2016, Apps That Help Teach Social Perspective: Illustrative apps can augment established approaches to helping children on the spectrum understand the social world. 

March 2016, It’s All About Your Client: Harness the Book Creator app to make treatment relevant to your clients’ lives

November 2015, Tech Your Message Out: Private practitioners can tap easy-to-use tools to better communicate with staff, clients and families

September 2015, Just Google It! Google offers simple, free tools for sharing, organizing and interacting with student materials 

September 2015, Your Students, You and the Tube!: Need a visual for any context? YouTube offers a “social” solution

August 2015, Up Where the Air is Clear (Apps for ASHA Convention) 

September 2014. Welcome to Science Class

September 2014. Ease into Social Media as Receptive Communication

August 1, 2014. Fly Away to Convention

May 1, 2014. Tech-Supported Wellness

April 1, 2014. 'Skitch' Up your Visual Aids

January 1, 2014. Zooming in on One Multitalented App

November 1, 2013. Mobile Devices Show You the World

August 1, 2013. Welcome to Kindergarten!

July 1, 2013. App-ing Up for ASHA Convention

June 13, 2013. Gather Around the Virtual Meeting Table

April 1, 2013. Apps for High Schoolers with Autism

March 1, 2013. Vocal Workouts go Mobile

August 28, 2013. Apps that Crack Curriculum Content

October 9, 2012. App-Enabled Telepractice

May 15, 2012. Slash your Workload

April 3, 2012. Tech to Ease IEP Pain

Facilitating Technology Integration Among Public School SLPs (my graduate school thesis)

Facilitating Technology Integration Among Public School Speech-Language Pathologists