Work with Sean

Given the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, Sean is available and experienced in translating the presentations discussed below to teleconference format for groups or teams, and in providing training specific to telepractice for SLPs and related services.

My work with this blog and other writers and wonderful professionals in the SLP world have inspired me to continue to spread the word about technology and context in therapeutic interventions.  If you are interested in hearing more about what I have to say and what technology can do for the SLPs in your school, practice, facility or organization, please let me know!  I am myself a working SLP but I have availability to provide professional development presentations and consultations to your staff.

What You Can Expect From Working With Sean:
  • Flexibility in offering presentations and/or consultations that meet your organization's needs.
  • Potential to travel to you or offer presentations and consultations via web technologies such as webinar.
  • A professional approach from a teacher and therapist who understands clinical logistics and the challenges faced by practicing SLPs and special educators.
  • A creative perspective on designing therapy approaches and activities that develop skills and engage students while incorporating vital contexts (real-world, curriculum-based, social).
  • Provision of online and downloadable supporting resources for participants' reference and further learning.

Topics on which I am able to present/have presented on in the past:
  • Selection and integration of simple interactive iPad and web-based resources into contextual and educationally relevant therapy activities.
  • Overview of iPad and creation tools that students can use to develop storytelling, expository language, academic and curriculum-related concepts, and understanding of social behaviors and strategies.
  • Use of technology to motivate and teach students with autism spectrum or related social communication and executive functioning difficulties.
  • Application of Google Tools for therapy activities, productivity and clinical teaching and supervision.
  • Evaluation and integration of mobile technologies (iPad and apps, other platforms) in therapies.
Menu of Specific Recent (Updated March 2019) Programming Available:
  • "Tech up your day-to-day": more intermediate strategies on incorporating technology in your practice and productivity (90 min) 
  • "Outside the Box Resources": evaluating and repurposing apps and websites to gear toward clinical objectives (90 min-full day) 
  • "Tell me a Story": Digital storytelling/aligning apps with developmental narrative language stages and expository text comprehension and production, also adaptable to general education and special education populations (2 hrs-full day)
  • "Applying Technology to Support Social and Executive Functioning"- apps for social development and organizational skills (2 hrs-full day) 
  • "Make and Take": A Day for Guided Practice and Collaboration- using a variety of tools particularly for creating materials and activities for social cognition, executive function and narrative language (3 hrs-full day).
  • "Pairing Picture Books with Apps to Contextually Address Language Objectives"- one of my favorite topics which has received great feedback from school-based clinicians (1 hr-3 hrs) 
  • "Aligning Technology with Research-Based Methodologies in Speech and Language" (2 hrs-full day)
  • "Teletherapy and Distance Learning Not-So Basics"- overview of teletherapy and technology integration principals and fundamental tools, extending to detailed strategies for selecting and targeting objectives in teletherapy, along with lessons in incorporating student interests (3 hrs-full day)
A quote:

“Sean does not just simply teach technology—he trains clinicians to use technology with an interactive, practical purpose to help our patients achieve their goals to be effective communicators in their home, school and community environments. I appreciate how Sean stresses that technology is a tool that we as therapists have to use in an collaborative, cooperative way with our patients to be effective. In addition, Sean does an outstanding job of teaching clinicians of all levels and comfort with technology—you will leave his course excited about new opportunities to work effectively with your patients using technology.”

Suzanne Bonifert, M.S. CCC-SLP,
Head of Speech-Language Pathology
UT Dallas Callier Center

About Sean:
  • Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP) with an additional M.Ed. and experience in the field of Instructional Technology.
  • Consultant to Mindwing Concepts, Inc, creators of the Story Grammar Marker ®. 
  • Veteran public school SLP (10 years) and Instructional Technology Specialist (2 years).
  • Private practitioner and consultant at The Ely Center in Newton, a specialized clinic focusing on social communication issues primarily through group treatment, for the past 12 years.
  • Created this blog in 2010, which subsequently became the winner of the 2010 Best New Blog award from Edublogs, an organization celebrating blogs related to professional development and classroom learning.
  • Regular contributor to The ASHA Leader, the national magazine of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, and the Mindwing Concepts Blog.
  • Experienced in providing professional development and education at area and national school districts, clinics, conferences, and annual national ASHA Conventions.
  • Attended Social Thinking® Clinical Training Level 1-A in San Jose, CA in 2013 and Completed Story Grammar Marker® Certification Course in 2014.
Selected Presentations: 
  • ASHA National Conventions: Orlando 2019Boston 2018, Los Angeles 2017, Philadelphia 2016, Denver 2015, Orlando 2014, Chicago 2013, Atlanta 2012, San Diego 2011, Philadelphia 2010
  • ASHA Healthcare and Business Institute-Las Vegas, 2014
  • ASHA Schools Conference, Long Beach, 2013
  • Social Thinking® Providers' Conference, San Francisco, 2011, 2012, 2014; Social Thinking Regional Provider Conference, Boston, Minneapolis, Dallas, 2013
  • State and Regional Speech-Language Associations including Massachusetts (2012), Vermont (2012), New York (2012), Illinois (2013), Michigan (2014), Indiana (2013, 2017), Connecticut (2012, 2014), Tennessee (2014), Wisconsin (2015), Ohio (2015), Louisiana (2015), New York (2015, 2016), Rhode Island (2015), Hawaii (2016), Maine (2016), Texas (2017), Virginia (2017), Georgia (2018), Louisiana (2018), Arizona (2018)
  • Canadian National (Ottawa, 2014) and Provincial conferences including Manitoba (2013), Saskatchewan (2013), New Brunswick (2013), BCASLPA Vancouver (2014), and Nova Scotia (2014)
  • General Education audiences including MASSCue Conferences and EdTechTeacher iPad Summit Boston (2014)

Although I am unable to offer these services free of charge, you will see my fees are reasonable.  If you are interested in speaking with me about a presentation, consultation or webinar, please contact me at