Friday, September 3, 2010

FREE Apps Today: Montessori Crosswords and Draw With Stars

Please check out Moms with Apps today for a description of two great free apps available from the U.S. (I feel I need to qualify that after a Canadian reader- thanks Janelle- pointed out that a free app wasn't free there) iTunes store today, Friday, September 3.

Montessori Crosswords (only on iPad, sorry, and now that I have one I could test it out!) would be a great way to work on word naming, categorization, and phonemic awareness. The app's Moveable Alphabet activity would have all kinds of applications, including a fun, motivating way to present words for articulation practice.

The same developers, L'Escapadou, are also offering for free today their Draw with Stars app (also on iPhone/Touch). This app allows you a night sky canvas which you can use to draw anything, but with stars (spinning optional). Again, many applications for this in therapy, such as drawing items in a category or playing Pictionary. See- I drew pants! I don't know why...

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  1. Cool to see you promoting App Friday. The weekly promotion is great for developers and consumers.