Wednesday, September 22, 2010

60-Second Recaps

Do you work with high school or adult students and struggle to help them access curriculum? 60-Second Recaps is a great resource for you.  The site provides a series of recaps for an ever-growing library of books commonly tackled by older students.  The recaps, indeed 60 seconds in length, are narrated by Jenny, an engaging and humorous host, and organized by essential characteristics of the book- characters, themes, etc.  Visuals throughout each recap support comprehension of the clip, and every effort is taken to relate the themes to the books to meaningful aspects of students' lives.  Consider making a Facebook page for your intervention group- you don't have to "friend" students to interact with them on the page.  You can share 60-Second Recaps on Facebook and perhaps facilitate some great discussion "homework" and home consultation.

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