Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selection of Apps Available for FREE All Weekend

Thanks to Moms with Apps for hooking us all up with a bunch of free apps (in USA) this weekend.  Please check out her full post to see all the wonderful free offerings, but I wanted to highlight a few that have particular potential for speech-language interventions.

Lula's Brew is a digital storybook with audio.  This cute story would be great to grab now and use for some October interventions.  The story lends itself to story grammar analysis (character-setting-problem/kickoff, etc) and identifying rhymes.  Additionally, it begs to be followed up by making a "brew" recipe of some sort with your kids, which would be a great way to target sequential language and perhaps writing.

But That Wasn't the Best Part is also a digital/audio storybook describing a parade that keeps getting better and better.  Bombardment with the word "but" as contained in the story will scaffold more complex sentence constructions in children with only simple sentence structure.  The structure of the story could be replicated in another context to make a parallel story, such as gifts that keep getting better and better, or something!  Given that the book ends with a pudding party, this also could be a good opportunity for a recipe.

My Little Suitcase is an adorable interactive app in which kids get to make choices about a travel destination and the contents of their suitcase.  The last step involves an interaction with the setting of the journey, such as moving a lamp around the campsite to illuminate it. The selection of items along the way is a context to elicit temporal, causal, and descriptive language.

Enjoy these terrific apps!!

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