Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unexpected Photo Booth

I love using humorous videos with kids in social thinking groups, seeing their reactions, and discussing what makes situations funny.  I have to admit I was always on Team Conan, but Jay Leno's series of Funny Photo Booth videos got to me.  The clips involved a photo booth set up at Universal Studios, with a comedian on site acting as a "computerized" voice to surprise participants in unexpected ways.  Check one of them out:

Definitely more of a middle-school and up activity, based on what they could "get" and general appropriateness, but the videos lend themselves to all kinds of social thinking questions:
-What do people expect when they go into a photo booth?
-How does the comedian "think with her eyes" about each person? What clues do they give her that allow her to make the situation funny?
-What were the reactions like? What did their faces tell you? What would you do?
-Who has a "flexible" reaction to the booth? Who do you think was more rigid?

What other discussion questions can you think of, using the video as a context?

To find more like this, search for "funny photo booth" on YouTube or Google Videos.

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