Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Constitution Day is Coming Up!

Constitution Day is October 17.  All classrooms (really not including you, necessarily, but it couldn't hurt) are required to conduct a lesson on the U.S. Constitution on that day.  I really like working on concepts around government with students- it's a topic that is way abstract for them, but so functional and important to learn.  Try starting with this classic available on YouTube- Three Ring Government:

Kids love Schoolhouse Rock videos- they are catchy and get stuck in their head, thereby utilizing some brain-based learning techniques.  Kids think they are quaint but I totally remember watching them with my Saturday morning cereal.

A good follow-up to this activity would be a sorting or graphic-organizer-based lesson, or a wordsplash with some of the vocabulary and concepts in the clip.  Here, also, is a good online sorting activity.

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