Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ricky Explores Antarctica

Ricky Explores Antarctica is a blog written by a UK teacher who is getting ready to take an educational journey to Antarctica. Except...she is also taking a puppet named Ricky and blogging in primary-school-level language about the preparations and the trip.  The blog welcomes young students to follow the exploration and submit questions. From the blog:

Not many people can experience life in the extreme environment of Antarctica. The ‘Ricky goes to Antarctica’ Project provides a wonderful opportunity to get a bit closer to that environment through the adventures of Ricky (with a bit of help from a teacher called Lisa Wood). Ricky has so much to do to get ready. He needs lots of help. While he is in Antarctica Ricky will carry out investigations and find answers to children’s questions about life in Antarctica. It’s an exciting and novel way to learn.

They are getting ready to go in November, so check it out.  Beware there's a bit of British humour (I say that with the highest respect for our friends across the pond) and a post about Poo.  Thank you to The Whiteboard Blog for featuring this resource.

Language Lens:

  • This site aligns well with and will provide an experiential approach to curriculum around geology, geography and weather.  
  • Reading posts and generating questions to Ricky would be wonderful authentic reading comprehension activities.

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