Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Deals TODAY on the App Store

Thanks to Moms with Apps for some great bargains today on the (US) iTunes App Store.

Story Builder for iPad provides visual and written prompts to build basic stories.  With clinician scaffolding, students can record sentences for each picture, and listen to a complete oral story at the end.  This would be a great app to use in lower grades to build complex sentences and story grammar.

Consider ArtikPix (iTouch/iPhone/iPad) instead of purchasing (or to replace) articulation cards.  This app, designed by fellow blogger Eric Sailers, provides visual stimuli for sounds in various positions, a recording capability for audio feedback, and data taking functions.  All "card" decks can be purchased in-app today only for $17.99 (reduced from $49.99).  Whatta deal!

Happy shopping on the app store!

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