Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Use Pinball for connecting ideas...

BBC Pinball is a new and interesting way to do some semantic mapping with your students.  It literally has a lot of bells and whistles.  Pinball allows you to choose from four different ways to "bounce ideas around" and might just be a good hook for some hard-to-engage students.  Dot Dash is basically a semantic web, used for "firing out ideas."  You can use Drop Zone to categorize ideas, and Snap Shot is basically for describing images.  I can't quite tell what you would use Wild Reels for- any guesses?  All of the activities have a "Lucky Dip" function for insertion of a random image, word or phrase, which would be useful for free association.  Pinball is overall a bit of a strange resource for the BBC to have come up with, but I definitely see it as having applications for interventions around describing, word-finding, etc.  I do wish you could save your activities, but perhaps that will come in a later version.

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