Thursday, October 28, 2010

Posts Elsewhere!

Hey folks, had a few posts pop up in other places that I thought I would link to here in case you hadn't seen them!

On the ASHAsphere blog, written here from Seasonal-Affective-Disorder-Central, read SLP Zen- 5 ways technology can help you reduce stress and anxiety in your work and life.

More of my musings on Google Reader, over at the ADVANCE Speech in the Schools Blog.

How Think Social Publishing's new We Can Make it Better program will teach social problem solving, align with story grammar instruction, and make your interventions Better, over on the Mindwing Blog.

According to the FTC guidelines, I will disclose with each of these cross-posts (and in other references to Mindwing products) that I have a contractual relationship with Mindwing as a guest writer. In no other instances am I compensated to review or endorse products or technology resources (i.e. websites).

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