Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I think I have a thing about LEGOs, because I am talking about them again.  Reminds me of some of my students...

Anyway, the Internet gives us access to all sorts of fun stuff, and it doesn't always have to be interactive to be a context for therapy.  Check out MiniLand Zoo, a fabulously huge and detailed zoo posted on the MOCpages website, dedicated to sharing LEGO creations.  Steef de Prouw created a zoo with all the expected elements, as well as some humorously unexpected details.  There are approximately 40 photos of the zoo posted on the site; your kids will want to get busy building their own!

Language Lens:

  • I could see this site functioning almost as (or pairing well with) a picture book on zoos.  Such a context lends itself to completing a setting map, categorizing animals within a zoo, creating a story based on the pictures, or conversation work.
  • Also, check out this great article on the link between LEGO and literacy. Thanks @SLPTanya!

Thanks to Neatorama for featuring this link.

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