Friday, October 15, 2010

Digital Storytelling and Speech-Language Interventions

The phrase digital storytelling has become hot on the web in past years, referring to web-based or other apps that allow you to blend pictures, text, comics, video, images, sound (or any combination) to tell a story (see Kerpoof as an example). It used to be that you needed to be well-versed in (and own) applications such as iMovie to engage in digital storytelling, but now there are a wide variety of tools available on the web for free, each with its own little spin on the genre.

SLPs and storytelling are a great mix, and these motivating tools can be used to develop story grammar, expository skills, or if recorded audio is involved, any aspect of speech.

More on digital storytelling later, but for now, please click on over to the Mindwing blog to see my post about Blabberize, a tool that allows you to give any picture a talking mouth!

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