Monday, October 4, 2010

Talking Tom on iOS devices

Talking Tom is a free iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app that allows children to interact with an onscreen cat.  Speak and he will repeat what you say. Pet or poke him and he reacts. You can also serve him some milk, or bore him-resulting in yawns!  The free version has some annoyances (an ad, 3 tease buttons on the side) that you can get rid of by actually purchasing the ad for $2.99.  You can also record a short video and easily upload it to YouTube, as I did below:

Please be aware, you might want to purchase the full version if you are going to be using the app with kids on the spectrum or those who couldn't handle the fact that you can kinda punch Tom around in the free version.  The paid version allows you to "turn off violence."

Language Lens:
Talking Tom has been identified as a wonderful app for kids with autism, but I can see it having many uses, such as encouraging articulation, fluency, or sentence formulation.  It would seem to be a simple version of older, yet more expensive programs such as Talk Time with Tucker.


  1. I showed this app to a deaf student. She worked hard to make her speech perfect so that Tom would repeat it correctly!