Monday, March 23, 2020

Into the Book/Into the Map

Into the Book is an interactive website from PBS Wisconsin targeting language-based literacy strategies. It has light but engaging interactivity allowing students to view portions of text and click on possible responses, making it more fun than a simple multiple-choice kind of thing. The website has modules including summarizing, visualizing, questioning, prior knowledge, inferring, evaluating, making connections, and synthesizing, with multiple opportunities to practice the strategy for each, allowing you to "get on a roll" (follow this link and click Newer Post for more like it) contextually and strategically. The website is free and also gives a "key" that saves your progress with a student or group. The features above make it a good candidate to use in telepractice or (hopefully, eventually) in-person sessions. Recall my tutorial on screenshare and remote control, the use of which would add engagement. Consider pairing each module with a text that lends itself to the strategy, perhaps from Epic! Books for Kids.

Also take a look at their complementary site, Into the Map. I love maps for visuals and eliciting language, talking about stories, setting and spatial concepts, and this site lets students make basic maps including ones that tell a story, and practice following directions.


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