Wednesday, March 25, 2020

iFakeText Message/Conversation Paths

iFakeText Message is a super simple visual tool you may be interested in exploring particularly for your teens in teletherapy. You can definitely find other tools like this if you have someone who feels strongly about having an Android look and feel. You can make mock text conversations for discussion in therapy, or if sharing your screen and giving cursor/keyboard control, you can have students make texts that fit a theme or conversational move. Add text and text type and you can download the image created, perhaps for use in a Google Slides.

Right now is a particularly critical time to know how to text in order to maintain connections with peers. Those who struggle with conversational skills will have difficulty with texting, so we can show them:

How to respond
How to respond depending on who it is
How to initiate with appropriate peers (maybe in conjunction w Social Thinking®'s Friendship Peer-A-Mid so these conversations are happening with peers at appropriate levels)
Hidden Rules for texting (e.g. reading when you are overtexting, oversharing, thinking about what time you are texting etc)

Anna Vagin has a wonderful new product named Conversation Paths available on her website that I highly recommend. An overview is below or at this link. The lessons here are very applicable to texting and tele lessons. Additionally there are a number of packets on TpT you might use in conjunction with this tool.


  1. Thank you so much for your ideas for the adolescent population! Teletherapy is changing every aspect of how I run my social cognition groups.

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