Wednesday, March 18, 2020

ASHA presentation 2019 on Telepractice

Through this crisis I will be attempting to provide as much information as possible here to support clinicians working to support their students at a distance.

This presentation I did with Nathan Curtis and Amy Reid of Waldo County General Hospital (and shared here with their permission) is about the "what to" (best practices, EBP, and methodologies) of telepractice/distance learning rather than the "how to" (platform to use, technical aspects etc). For the how to (and "what to" also) I'd refer you to the amazing Tara Roehl, who is offering a "crash course" here.

The main ideas here are around the evolution of telepractice beyond the "what tos" and alignment with best practices. Simple technologies- authentic photos, PowerPoint- alignment with curriculum and themes, and use of story grammar strategies, narrative, expository resources and online videos are discussed (SGM® icons used w permission of Mindwing Concepts). Some slides will look blank as I needed to remove photos of children.

Access the presentation here (please do not request permission to edit the slides, you can simply go to the File menu and select Make a Copy and it will save to your Google Drive if you like)