Saturday, March 7, 2020

Helpful resources on Coronavirus (and hygeine in general)

In the past week, my students have had a lot of questions and comments about the Coronavirus outbreak in the USA.

On our part, working in a clinical private practice setting in which a social part of many sessions is eating a snack, we've taken steps including:
-Frequently wiping down surfaces with Clorox wipes
-Lysol spraying surfaces, doorknobs and fabrics
-Ensuring hand washing or sanitizer use before and after snack, and between sessions for clinicians
-Mitigating risk by avoiding things like playing card-passing games while having snack (hand to mouth and cards and passing cards in games like Apples to Apples).

ASHA has produced a good set of suggestions for clinicians and practice managers during this situation. 

Instructionally, you may be interested in using this ongoing situation as a context for building social cognition, situational awareness and even expository language:
-NPR has shared a great comic which serves as a sensitive social narrative
-Many of my students have shared disinformation within groups; this served as a context to discuss relying on facts (Social Thinking®'s smart guess/wacky guess concept). Encourage reliance on news sources rather than looking at random videos on YouTube.
-Brainpop's free movie on the topic can be explored with expository text graphic organizers or Ward/Jacobsen's STOP strategy for situational awareness.

-You can also discuss the narrative and social aspects of stories like this.

I myself issued a small PSA this week. I hope it's helpful for you, especially Swifties:

Stay healthy and calm out there!

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