Tuesday, March 17, 2020

I'm here for you

The current situation with the global Coronavirus emergency is unprecedented in our lifetime and everyone is in varying degrees of shock and scramble. I plan to be here for you and posting much more frequently as one scramble many clinicians are having is in re-connecting and/or servicing their clients through technology. This is a rapidly evolving situation and I will do my best to help out here.

But first, a trick for you. We all need to stay calm. We all need to sleep. We all need to stay healthy mentally and physically.

One technique I learned from the excellent app Buddhify (I love how you can listen to a track and then try to apply it anytime you need) is helping me in these nights of fitful, worrying sleep. It's called "flip": basically, try to distance yourself from wandering, anxious thoughts by flipping to focus on your body, allowing sensations of anxiety to relax and resting in your breath. It's invaluable.

So let's start here. Listen to this short meditation here and please, breathe.


  1. Sean,
    Thank you for this helpful, positive information. I find that a meditation lowers my blood pressure which seems to have gone up recently!

  2. Trying to get it in every day! Not always easy even just being at home haha