Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Tidbit and another learning opportunity for you

Years ago, some months after I started this blog, Michael Towey of Waldo County General Hospital contacted me to discuss web-based resources that could be used in tele, as their program was becoming an important telepractice training center. I am forever grateful to him as this conversation turned into one of my first paid speaking gigs.

Michael is offering a 1-hour course Let’s Get Tele-Practical: Speech Telepractice Strategies for Success through XceptionalED. Please check it out if you are looking for training in this area, as many are right now. Michael is one of the pioneers of telepractice and I am sure you'll gain much valuable information from the session. If you want to see one of his articles (ahem, featuring the FIVES criteria for evaluating tech resources by, I don't know, some dude) you can do so here.

So, Tidbit: I mentioned this site a few weeks ago, but it is more relevant now. Like Into the Book/Into the Map mentioned yesterday, it's great to find sites that have enough content to keep you on a roll. Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab, designed for a different purpose but useful for SLPs, has audio messages very useful for working on auditory comprehension. These range from easy to harder and each have a quiz with them (so, consider screen sharing and transferring cursor control for the quiz to add engagement). Each activity has a photo, pre-discussion, targets such as idioms, the file to listen to, and the quiz.

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