Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Comment?

I thought I would post to encourage your (continued) comments. For years, I thought of sharing ideas by putting together a book, or getting out there more with presentations, but I picked blogging as a platform, and am so glad that I did. Other media can be so one-way (well, presentations are interactive, but a book or even a wiki, not so much). Truthfully, the creative energy I find in being an SLP is what keeps me going, but knowing you are reading is a huge reinforcement.

This is really a resource sharing blog, and probably isn't as likely to generate discussion as blogs that analyze, you know, issues or whatever. That said, I just want to put it out there that comments are very welcome here, and I don't want people to feel like I am just talking AT you. I'd like to hear if you have found similar resources to what is posted, or your experience after trying a posted resource. I'm sure others would like to read your comments too!

She'll probably be mad at me, but I want to single out my friend Laura G., who recently abandoned me to go work outside of Baltimore. Always exemplary, Laura recently posted an awesome comment on the Design a Habitat post. Love the feedback and the great ideas, Laura!!

It also occurs to me that the activity that Laura mentions would pair well (what am I, a sommelier?) with the fun book Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing, by Judi Barrett.

Ok, so this is slightly unrelated, but I found the Switcheroo Zoo activity with the animal making on this website. I'm not sure if you featured that one yet, but it's great! I had a group of kids going to the zoo on a field trip, so we read "The Mixed Up Chameleon" with a focus on the animals as characters, as that is where we are with using story grammar marker. We described how the chameleon changed, talking about the parts of the animals and what they help the animal do (e.g., having a long giraffe neck makes it see/reach high things). Then we went on the website and made different animals, talking about the fact that if a cheetah had a pig head, then it would oink and not growl, if it had fins, it would swim instead of running fast. We focused on conditional and causal phrases. At the end, they wrote a sentence with a sentence starter - "If I were a mix of two animals I would be a ______ and a _______ because..." and drew a picture of their pretend animal. It worked out really well, so thanks for the link!!!

How do you comment? Just click on the bottom of any post, where it says 0 comments (or 1 comment, or 2 comments, if others have commented), leave your comment, and sign in with your Google Acct, name and a web address (you can use your school's or whatever), or anonymously (but please sign your name)!

Thanks for the continued reading, guys!


  1. Thanks for the airtime, Sean! I'm not mad at you! :) See you at ASHA!

  2. Hi Sean. I just realized that you are the "sean" that works in Newton! I just started working there as an SLP this fall. I'm covering a maternity leave right now and ill be permanently at Angier starting in January. I just joined the SLP Twitter world and must of come across your blog there. Small world! Ill be checking out your booth at ASHA. I'm getting an iPad in December and plan to use it for therapy so your blogs have been very helpful. See you in Philly! -Lindsay Galbreath

  3. Hey Lindsay- thanks for saying hi and for the feedback! Definitely stop by the poster and if you can make the Friday session, it's 11-12!

    Love the iPad- definitely recommend it...