Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tables Around The World

Click the link below to see the essay

Check out Time Magazine's excellent photo essay, What the World Eats, Part I, which features 16 families from around the globe, a visually stimulating photo (look for things your family eats too!) of their week's groceries, and the cost of feeding their family. This site will give kids- who probably never asked their parents how much it costs to feed them- some healthy perspective in this Thanksgiving season.

Language Lens
In addition to being a perspective-taking activity, this can be used to target food categories or geographic locations. Try visiting each of the families' hometowns using Google Earth. A good extension would be to have students draw or write (or assemble Google Images) about what it would look like if their table were laid out with all the food their family eats during the week.

Thanks to pal Amanda Warren for pointing out this link on Facebook.


  1. Wanted you to have a comment...sitting in the back and enjoying ASHA here. Great Blog!

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  3. Thanks, you guys! Beth- great presentation, it was such an important topic and very well done...