Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Resources from ASHA Convention

It takes one a lot of time to consolidate all we learn at a conference like the ASHA Convention.  Unfortunately some years we never fully do consolidate the information, because we are thrown back into the busy schedule and, well, it's HARD to integrate new practices.  I think it's helpful to have realistic expectations of ourselves and consider a conference successful if we have a few new ideas that we implement.

ASHA's practice of putting handouts on the internet and keeping them there is, I think, a really open and useful one.  I first of all wanted to post links to mine:

Narrative Rubrics to Support Evaluation and Eligibility in School Settings is a poster I presented with Laura Goehner and developed also by my colleagues who could not attend, Katy Fleming and Christine LaFleur.  The presentation can be downloaded here and the rubrics themselves here.  You might find the packets interesting as what they are intended to be- the story of one particular department's study of a problem, and creation of a working solution.  The rubrics are something you might consider trying as a supplement to standardized testing.

My Links to Language presentation can be downloaded here.  This is an overview of the FIVES criteria, with links that serve as examples (in the weblist.me link), and a discussion of how to find technology resources on our own- blogs, twitter, social bookmarking, focused searches.

I feel like I might be overstepping a boundary if I link directly to too many others' handouts, but I'll just point you in the direction of the handouts site and tell you a few of the ones I think make interesting reading even if you weren't there (you can search session # and author on the site).  Please don't read too much into my choices- these are just a sampling of sessions I made it to and found interesting for my own personal and clinical interests.

1068- Just a Box of Games: excellent task analysis of games not necessarily intended for SLPs

0970- Developing Individualized Social Stories: presented an advanced form of social stories to use with older students.

1593- The Secret Language of Stories: the Hero's Journey as an alternate story grammar for older students- great idea!

1599- Functional Tx Strategies to Improve Executive Function Skills in Students: GREAT presentation by Sarah Ward, these are indeed very functional suggestions and we are so lucky to have her in the Boston area.

1483- Michelle Garcia Winner/Stephanie Madrigal's presentation on Superflex: gives a good intro to social thinking and that program.

2011- I don't think Chris and Beth will mind if I link directly to their awesome presentation on social media and SLPs.  Thanks again so much guys, for including me directly in your presentation.

Hope you all enjoy browsing these and many other great resources at the handouts site!!


  1. Thanks so much for this post as well as the link to the ASHA website. I was unable to attend the conference and forgot about the abilities to view online articles.

  2. Welcome, Jennifer! Too bad it's not as easy to just browse by title as it was in previous years.

  3. Hey there Sean,
    You are most welcome! Thanks for participating!

  4. Sean,

    I did not make your session, unfortunately, but was soo glad that someone pointed me in your direction!! You are now on my favorites link on my work computer! I can't wait to read up on the wealth of info you have to offer.

    -Elizabeth, SLP