Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday on Moms With Apps

Hope all of you (U.S. Folks) had a wonderful Thankgiving.  Moms with Apps has arranged a Black Friday event with a number of apps relevant to SLPs at FREE or reduced prices today.

Let's Bead Friends allows you to make and share a beaded bracelet and provides an opportunity to develop categories such as colors and shapes, as well as skills such as description, sequencing and patterning.  It is also the type of app that would make a good context for a barrier game, with one student designing a bracelet for another.

GeoWalk is an exploratory app in which you can navigate and zoom about the globe and discover facts (categorized into places, flora and fauna) about geographic locations.  This app is sort of a Google Earth Jr, though the descriptions will be a bit lengthy for some students (but a good context for interactive read-aloud).  It will be great to have on hand for younger students who are studying world geography, and its categorical organization is also helpful.

Also on sale today is ChorePad, an app that helps parents organize and reinforce completion of chores by kids in a visually appealing way.  If you do any consultation with parents on organizational skills at home, or the importance of kids contributing to the home in order to develop social thinking skills, this app would be good to demonstrate to parents.

I am sure all the hardcore Black Friday shoppers are home by now, but we can continue shopping thanks to Moms with Apps!

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