Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Qwiki is a brand new site that has great potential for use by SLPs. Enter a search term into Qwiki (right now, the available terms are limited), and a wall of images and video-like a dynamic slide show-results, along with audio providing information about the topic. This is why the site is called "The Information Experience."

Right now, Qwiki is in Alpha, which means it is in the very early stages of testing. You can try a sample Qwiki here, or request to join their alpha at the site, which gives you access to search.

Language Lens:
Qwiki would be a great context to develop information organization or auditory comprehension strategies. Try using a graphic organizer, Inspiration/Kidspiration, or key word generation task after watching a Qwiki result.

Thanks to iLearn Technology for featuring this resource

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