Monday, November 15, 2010

Plimoth Plantation

Check out an excellent site by Plimoth Plantation that you can use for so much more than talking about Thanksgiving.

You Be the Historian presents a number of interactives that present a balanced view of what happened in Massachusetts in the 1620s, and also a context for working on language skills and strategies.  Here's a breakdown of a few of the activities.  This site was always a great one when working in a MA Elementary school, where we have specific standards around Wampanoag history, but it would likely be helpful in other locations as well!

Fact or Myth- match pictures to "myths" and (offline) create a list of fact and fiction about Thanksgiving.

The Evidence- Use a "Magic Lens" and stickies to interpret a primary source, good context to use a sequencing organizer

The Wampanoag People- An interactive seasons chart with pictures and audio (good listening comprehension task), another good sequencing activity, or compare-contrast with our current seasonal activities.

Other activities include an interactive clickable map of a Pilgrim house, an audio activity about the sometimes conflicting perspectives of Pilgrims and Wampanoag, and a picture labeling task. 

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