Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hope to see you at ASHA!

I'm getting excited for midweek when I will be heading to Philly for the ASHA Convention! I'm involved with two presentations (what was I thinking?) and my handouts are all uploaded.

I hope you'll check 'em out and put me in your Planner if you are attending.

The first is a poster- "Narrative Rubrics to Support Evaluation and Eligibility in School Settings (Session 1140, Thurs 3:00-4:30)." I worked on this one with people from my district and it relates our efforts to streamline the narrative assessment process. It's not pure numbers and you might find it interesting.  Knowing how dull poster sessions can be, we actually have an interactive component, but won't force you to stand there awkwardly and listen to us present!  Last year my friends Julie, Gabriel and I were forced to do jazz hands to drum up some attention around our poster on the 3:1 consultation model, which was scheduled at the very end of the convention. The loudspeakers were basically saying "The ASHA Convention is now over!" during our session.  Awful.  So hopefully this year will be better.

I am really excited to also have a seminar this year- "Links to Language: Leveraging the Interactive Web in your Interventions (Session 1598, Fri 11:00-12:00)."  I have since grown to hate the word leveraging but it seemed hip at the time.  There will be a lot of SpeechTechie stuff, FIVES etc., but definitely also some resources I have never written about, so come by! Interestingly (I don't know if that is the right word), I have no idea if I will have wireless. ASHA always covers themselves by saying NO, but then you can usually pick it up at the convention center.  Kinda hard to make a presentation about the Internet when there is no Internet.  But I made screencasts of everything as a backup, so all should go well no matter what.

If you're not going, I'll be at least tweeting (and posting tweets here), so will surely have some stuff to share!


  1. You have very valuable information...I'm sorry I'm not going to ASHA. Our district is really pushing technology, so I love your blog!

    Jen K.