Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Awareness Month!

December is Blog Awareness Month on SpeechTechie, a month of posts dedicated to blogs (and blog-related tools) of interest to SLPs!

Blogs, to be honest, have developed a little bit of a bad rap.  Though it was once quite trendy to have a blog, the term "blogger" now has some connotations that aren't so positive: wordiness, self-absorption...but enough about me. What do you think of me? Oh, I lost track of myself there.

from The Lawrence and Julie and Julia Project.

I blame the backlash against blogs at least partially on the film Julie and Julia.  Just about no one liked the whiny Julie blogging parts.

Another factor is the level of activity on "micro-blogging" sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, where people share information in more bite-sized chunks. That's very important, and I get (and share) tons of ideas from participating in these circles, but I definitely think there is something to be said for topic-focused blogs that explore ideas in more depth.

So this month I will be standing up for the blog as a source of information, perspective and, of course, of therapy tools.

I will start with one of my favorites: Zen Habits.  Zen Habits has simple and strong messages about how to deal with life's stresses, of which SLPs certainly have their share! Leo Babauta and his guest posters remind us how to breathe, simplify, focus, live in the moment, and be happy.  The blog has a great "start page" of posts you might want to begin with.  

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