Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creating Your Own Materials with PowerPoint or Keynote

This info and video appears as part of our Essential Tech Skills 4 SLPs site but I wanted to make sure you ran across it, so am posting it here too! Apologies for the length of the video, but it was tough to make that mini-lesson more mini. The skills demoed here can be used to make your own visuals such as the PowerPoint cue cards I posted about some time ago.

SLPs often have the need to create customized materials such as picture sets and graphic organizers.  This generally takes us into the realm of desktop publishing, which can seem complicated.  However, we find that it is easy to repurpose a presentation program such as PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote in order to create a worksheet or a visual for a student.  Why these programs as opposed to Microsoft Word? Well, Word tends to want everything to fit in a word processed format, as in a typed report.  It is difficult to move text and images around as you please. Not so with PowerPoint and Keynote.  You can insert text boxes, images (see Part 3 of the Essential Tech Skills 4 SLPs site) or even draw items quite easily, click and move them around, and save them to print out and share with students (and colleagues)!

Check out this video on how to "Repurpose" these presentation programs to make any kind of visual or worksheet you would like:

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