Sunday, November 20, 2011

ASHA 2011 Wrap-up

Whew! What a trip the ASHA convention was, as always.  It was really a whirlwind this year as it seemed I had a ton of people I wanted to see and talk with. In between doing last preps for our own session and chatting with folks all over the place, I went to some great sessions. I am not sure I can even consolidate all the info into an additional post, but I will try!

In the meantime, if you haven't already, please check out the new site that my friends and colleagues Laura Goehner and Amy O'Neill developed for our presentation- Essential Tech Skills for SLPs. We envisioned this site as an updatable resource for SLPs to look at "one step at a time." If you feel you need help in the tech area, please visit it and look at it piece by piece (i.e. section 1A one weekend, section 1B the next), and try to practice the steps on your own.  The site ended up working well (after jumping through many wirey hoops to get Internet access at this frankly tech-challenged convention) as a guide for our presentation, rather than a PowerPoint. During the session I mentioned the several presentations that discussed the importance of self-talk for our students- self-talk was highlighted both Sara Ward in her amazing executive function short course and the terrific panel of presenters on language intervention in science and social studies (which I talk about today over on the ADVANCE Speech in the Schools Blog). This is relevant because SLPs OFTEN use negative self-talk about their tech skills- "I am just not good at it," "I can't do this." We should be aware of this and use more helpful talk- "I can try this a step at a time," "I can solve this problem." We hope our Essential Tech Skills site will be one resource for you.  It now lives in the right sidebar AND on the renamed Essential Skills page up the top of the blog.  Please share it with anyone you think may find it helpful.

Anyway, the ASHA convention has become for me much more than the CEUs and really about the people you can connect with inside and outside of the formal sessions.  Thank you Maggie McGary, ASHA's Social Media Director, for again organizing a fun "Tweetup" where all the #slpeeps who have engaged with each other on Twitter got to actually meet and socialize (while putting down our devices for once).  It was also great to receive some feedback as I walked around (and around and around and around) the HUUUUUUGE convention center.  Believe me, "Aren't you the SpeechTechie guy?" is music to my ears, and I so appreciate the people who read this blog.

Enough words, here are a few pictures (and OK, more words) from "the floor" of the exhibit hall and elsewhere.

Very cool poster session area at SDCC
MaryEllen Rooney Moreau presenting on Story Grammar Marker and the Critical Thinking Triangle

It does not at all threaten my masculinity to carry Braidy (the primer Story Grammar Marker) across a crowded convention center back to the exhibit hall. No, not at all...

Comparing apps with Barbara Fernandes!

It's all in the family at the Mindwing Concepts booth!

The crowd at AssistiveWare, including Eric Sailers

Megan Sutton of Tactus Therapy Apps (she was my graduate intern forever ago, so proud!)

The gang from all4mychild, Karen Head and Meghan Graham (whom I have also known forever and am so proud of, wow!) at the Social Adventures booth- the shirt says "I need my space," LOL.

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  1. Hi Sean,
    Nice meeting you at ASHA. Do you have a list of app exhibitors that caught your attention at the convention ?