Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ASHA Here I Come!

I am very excited to be headed to the ASHA Convention in San Diego in Mid-November! It's going to be a really busy month, because I am also traveling to Florida next week to make a presentation for the NSSHLA Conference at NOVA Southeastern University.  Whoo-hoo!

So I will be planning to share a lot of resources from ASHA via posts and tweets, and I hope some of you can make it to a session I am presenting with two colleagues/friends, Laura Goehner and Amy O'Neill!  You can see the info below:

Topic Area: Business, Management, and Professional Issues 
Track: Schools, Technology/Social Media
Title: Technology 101: Basic Tech Skills to Enhance Your Speech-Language Practice
Session Code: 1104
Session Format: Seminar - 1 Hour Date:
Friday, November 18, 2011
Location: SDCC
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Room: 7A
Instructional Level: Introductory
Abstract: Many SLPs report an interest in developing technology skills to improve efficiency with administrative tasks and integration into assessments and interventions. This session will present a survey and demonstration of key technology skills, with a specific eye on how SLPs can apply these skills in their practice.
Learner Outcomes: Participants will be able to:
· identify key areas in which technology can enhance their practice.
· develop understanding and confidence in applying selected tech skills.
· access resources for further review and practice following the session demonstrations.

We plan this to be a fun, end-of-day session with a lot of interaction, allowing participants to ask questions about what they would like to learn about technology, both laptop/desktop and mobile, along with some presentations of key skills. Additionally, we will be unveiling a new website (not a blog) detailing essential tech skills and how-tos designed specifically for SLPs.  After the session, a link to this site will live here on SpeechTechie for all to see.  Hope you can make it, whether you are a somewhat nervous learner or would like to come to share your own expertise and tech tips!

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  1. Hey Sean, Would you like a few promo codes to hand out for my apraxia practice app Speech Stickers?
    I can't make it to ASHA this year but am looking forward to hearing you here in Ann Arbor in February.