Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Awareness Month: Another Bundle of Blogs 4 U

In my previous post, I reminded you about the SLP Blogs Bundle, which you will need to re-subscribe to periodically so that you can view any new blogs added to the bundle in Google Reader.  Recently, I put together an additional and different bundle, the SLP Apps Roundup.  This bundle consists of some SLP and education-related blogs that feature iOS Apps, but also some general app review blogs.  These blogs, such as App Advice (also available as an app on your iOS Device and highlighting the blog's great App Guides and Lists), present many apps, some of which can be "repurposed" for therapy.  You'll need to use your critical thinking to decide if you want all of these blogs, and even more so when downloading apps, but I thought you might find the "Roundup" helpful.  You can subscribe to the Apps Roundup here.

GiggleApps is a great example of a blog that is worth following in this bundle or on its own.  The blog features in-depth reviews of apps for kids and will help you tease out those that might be applicable in therapy.  The mission statement of the blog: "Written by an iPhone loving mom, our goal is to find great apps for kids from toddler to teen. Apps that make you giggle and hopefully teach you something too."

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