Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog Awareness Month: Edublog Awards, YAY SLPs, Thanks!!

The Edublog awards is sometimes the recipient of criticism for being about things educators supposedly shouldn't care about: validation, self-promotion, competition.  Fair enough, sure, there are elements of these things during "awards season." For me, though, it is really about ensuring that all these people who are sharing great ideas are actually READ. It sounds trite and eye-rolling but I definitely enjoyed nominating more than being nominated.

Yet again, timing dictated that I ended up "watching" the awards' live webcast at my patient (good) friends' house during their annual holiday dinner.  Thank God they have good wifi, and a little wine cut the tension ;-)

All in all, SLPs made an amazing showing in this years' event.  Besides being singled out by the organizers as being a great community and having 8 different specific SLP contributors shortlisted (sifted onto the final list of nominees based on some subjective measures of engagement with their blog), 6 different SLP resources were named as finalists (top 5 in their category).  It's a really big WOW.

Best New Blog- Speech Room News and All4MyChild.

Best EdTech/Resource Sharing Blog- Cindy L Meester's Blog and some other dude.


Best hashtag- #SLPeeps (the tag we use on twitter to reach other SLPs)

Best Use of Audio/Video/Podcast- A.T.TIPSCAST

A few years ago, there weren't too many of us SLPs in social media. Now people might start actually understanding what we do!

THANKS very much for all your support and votes.  Please be sure to check out all the nomination posts written by SLPs if you missed 'em.

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