Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blog Awareness Month: Support SLPs Shortlisted in 2011 Edublog Awards!

The shortlist of nominees for the 2011 Edublog Awards was announced this weekend.  Though I was a little bummed a few deserving nominees didn't make it in, it was excellent that the event actually acknowledged SLPs as a standout and active group in the effort that defines the whole purpose of the awards- to acknowledge educators who are sharing through social media and help educators find and follow this content.  In this vein, I'd encourage you to check out other SLPs' nomination posts and the shortlist as a whole to find lots of great resources and maybe add them to your Google Reader, right? right? :-)

I'm really honored to be nominated in the Best EdTech/Resource Sharing Blog Category. Thanks a lot to Tanya Coyle of Lexical Linguist and Twitter Dagobah, Heidi Kay of PediaStaff, Chris Bugaj of A.T. Tipscast and the folks at all4mychild for the shout-outs.  Your support means a lot.

Click here to Vote!

So, please vote for all the SLPs and others in the mix!

Best Individual Blog- iLearn Technology (not an SLP but a great source of visual resources for our kids)

Best Group Blog- TherapyApp411 (whoo-hoo!)

Best New Blog- All4mychild and Speech Room News

Best EdTech/Resource Sharing Blog- Cindy L Meester and I are in there!

Best Twitter Hashtag- #slpeeps

Best Free Webtool- GlogsterEDU, a great tool for SLPs

Best Educational Media/Podcast-The Compendium Blog of The A.T.TIPSCAST

Best Educational Use of a Wiki- UDLTechToolkit

Best Open PD- Edcamps, open PD that is happy to have SLPs in attendance!

Lifetime Achievement- Special Education Teacher and Mac Genius Meg Wilson

Thanks, and be sure to check out as many nominees as you can!

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