Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012!

2011 was a great year, and thank you all for being with me through it! This year saw me moving into a new school, getting to work with some great people and organizations on presentations, and being invited to develop new apps with Barbara Fernandes and Smarty Ears! A big WOW of a year overall.

In 2012 I am looking forward to the above endeavors, in addition to regular content here on SpeechTechie.  I am thinking of a month or two on animation, in all its forms, and other Web 2.0 creation tools. Of course, I have a lot of apps I want to tell you about too!

I finally figured out how to find the most popular posts on my blog using Google Analytics, so here are the top 10 of 2011:

10. License Plate Generator
9. Welcome to Glogster EDU Week!
8. Seriously Silly Speech Therapy with Silly Bandz (Guest post by my pal Janelle Albrecht)
7. My Garden
6. Fake iPhone Text
5. When a Free App is not Worth it
4. Noddy Fun Time
3. Speech Buddies- Innovative Technology for Articulation
2. Use Flickr to Find Interesting Stimulus Pictures
1. Apps Worth Paying For

Interesting selection! It sort of cracks me up when what I think of as kind of a throwaway post like the one on Noddy Fun Time ends up with a large amount of hits.  I was proud to have guest posts by creative professionals like Janelle, Meghan Graham and Diana Richardson this year, as well as using themes such as Glogster. And of course we had the launches of Therapy App 411 and Essential Tech Skills 4 SLPs, which we will continue to tend to in the New Year. More of that to come!

I wish you all the happiest and healthiest of New Years! None of this world-ending business, either. ;-)

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