Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Noddy Fun Time

Noddy Fun Time is a nicely-designed and fun site from the UK that would be great for early learners.

The five activities on the site can be used to target basic concepts and categories:
Pop Pop Balloons- choose a balloon color and shape and hold down the mouse to blow it up.  The longer you hold, the larger the balloon will be.
Tessie's Garden- Plant seeds of various kinds and create patterns in a garden.  Water them to watch them grow.
Magic Mazes- Drive a car up/down/left/right in a path to collect "parcels"
Rainbow Maker- Mix colors together to make your own customized rainbow.


  1. Pop Pop balloons is great for working on concepts, thank you. First I previewed the language associated w/ the activity: shapes, sizes, colors, then I let my student make whatever she wanted, and helped her to talk about it (e.g., I made a big, red, heart balloon"). Then, I had her follow my directions to make specific ones. I had her direct me to make some, and finally, I made several w/ contrasts in each element and directed her to pop them (e.g., pop the little red star balloon, pop all the big balloons, etc.).

  2. That's great! Thanks for sharing...sounds like one way to address deficits from, say, CELF-4 C&FD, but it is also nice how you were able to use one game in so many ways. Without having to buy actual balloons.

  3. What a cute site to recommend! I shall be extra careful of how I phrase it to the parents of my clients, though ;)