Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BrainPop Jr's Movie of the Week: Sequence

I touched on the usefulness of BrainPop in the FIVES Booklet, and it is definitely more so if your district has a subscription that allows you to access any movie. However, BrainPop and its spin-off, BrainPop Jr. both feature a free movie each week that SLPs can take advantage of and perhaps use to lobby for a subscription. Both sites are a repository of engaging, animated films that discuss topics in a visual way. Being primarily expository, the movies are a great context to teach comprehension strategies such as identifying text structures (list, sequence, compare-contrast...). Their language topics themselves are ones that are appropriate for interventions. THIS WEEK ONLY, BrainPop Jr. is featuring its sequence movie free of charge. The Jr. site also features a number of interactives: quizzes, a game, and suggested writing, drawing and reading extensions, among other things. Check out BrainPop Jr. weekly to see if its free topics align with your curriculum and would provide a context for strategy teaching.


  1. I love BrainPopJr! I have bern modifying some of their activities for more self contained classrooms. Did you know that you can make their videos close captioned!

  2. Great point there, Andrea, I hadn't thought about the CC. Good for students with hearing impairments AND as a literacy opportunity!