Thursday, January 27, 2011

The SLP Apps List

I've been receiving a lot of requests lately about lists of apps for various purposes, and a recent discussion on Twitter centered around a need for a list.

The SLP Apps List is a new resource for anyone interested in apps for mobile devices (iOS- iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android or BlackBerry) that have clinical applications. This is a collaborative document housed in Google Docs, and all can access or edit it, with the idea being that it will grow with everyone's contributions (so I am not really in charge of populating it, WE are). Need ideas for new apps? Check it out periodically and watch as it grows! Got an app you like? Sharing is caring, so go to the doc and you can type the description right in. Feel free to edit but please not delete others' contributions. There are some guidelines at the top of the document about how to contribute.

There's not much there yet, but I am looking forward to seeing it grow! It's embedded below, and here, again, is the direct link (click through to edit the list).


  1. Hi there Sean. Many thanks for posting this on Google Docs as a collaborative effort to share information. We'll be checking back often...we also have a few articles in our "There's A Special App for That" series that might be of interest to SLPs. We're special education consultants at inov8 Educational Consulting and we write them from a pedagogical perspective. Check them out at
    Cheers, Andrea

  2. There are also some good SmallTalk apps, a male and female aphasia app, oral motor, dysphagia that are meant to go with the Lingraphica, however you can use them on your iTouch/iPad/iPhone. I also really like Jumbline 2, Bubbles HD and iDork XL for problem solving/cause and effect, etc.

  3. Sean, you are brilliant for having done this and making it accessible! I know this is something that MANY SLPs have been wanting to know and those of us that use apps can add to it AND find out from others. Have wanted a good central location for something like this for a while, but couldn't think how to do it. With your "star power" and collection of people following you this really has the possiblity of being a great list! Thanks!

  4. Those are great suggestions, apujo5! I'd encourage you to add them to the list?

    Thanks for the feedback, Sally- I do hope it grows!

  5. If you use token economics in you sessions, there is a very cute app for that. It runs on Android. See

  6. thanks for this awesome list!!