Monday, January 10, 2011

Thrill of the Catch

I was never a fisherman, but Thrill of the Catch from Discovery Education is a really fun resource.  The site allows you to create a fish from a chosen species, release him into the lake, then do some fishin'!  It's really easy and not frustrating to catch fish, and then you just "throw them back" after finding out their names and who created them.  The site also allows you to move to different areas of the lake and on to advanced boats.

Language Lens:

  • A range of descriptive vocabulary can be targeted to describe the fish, and spatial, temporal, and causal words can be used while fishing.  The site also has potential to teach geography, with reference to different areas of the lake, and science with regards to species and biodiversity.
  • This site would be great to use along with play therapy, perhaps a camping set, or a story or informational book about fishing!


  1. I just found your website and I wanted to say thank you!!! I've only spent a few minutes browsing through your blogs, but I am so excited!

  2. Thanks, Katie- glad you found it and that you think it is helpful!