Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Say it with feeling...

Start With Speech (strange title) is a cute activity designed ostensibly for an interactive whiteboard, but which plays well in any browser. The activity allows you to construct a dialogue between two or more characters, selecting different ways of "saying" something through verbs and adverbs. Language Lens
  • This activity targets feelings and expression in ways that would be helpful to students with social cognitive deficits--character facial expressions change as you select different verb and adverb groups.
  • Apply topic restrictions (the activity is totally open-ended) to work on topic maintenance and relevance.
  • A dialogue could be created using a book as a context (what characters would say in a certain situation) in order to touch on narrative skills.
  • Try this with students who are beginning to incorporate dialogue in their writing and need practice with punctuation and using words other than "said."

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