Monday, May 10, 2010

Build your own Caterpillar!

Scholastic's Build your own Caterpillar activity is more than just a dress-the-animal for fun type of interactive.  You are asked to choose the caterpillar's color, spines, and "extras" for caterpillars in 3 different settings, and are provided guidance about your choices, as well as feedback on whether they are likely to result in the caterpillar's survival.  There is an (I'm sure) engaging gross-out factor as you get to add things like vomit to scare away prey.  Students can write a rationale for their choices and why they think their caterpillar would survive.

Language Lens

  • This time of year, many classrooms are taking care of caterpillars who will soon become butterflies.  This site offers a great visual, interactive, and language-based experience related to what is going on in those classrooms.  
  • The descriptive, categorical (e.g. locations), and cause-effect opportunities are great here.  If the activity is to be repeated, this would be a good context to use a graphic organizer as a tracking sheet with headings such as: Setting-Color-Spines-Extras-Results.

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