Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie Poster Maker

The Movie Poster Maker from Big Huge Labs could be used for a variety of purposes in language intervention. The tool allows you to upload a picture and add the text that would normally appear on a movie poster (tag lines, stars, rating, etc). It's a pretty simple interface, but you unfortunately don't get much of a preview.  It would be a good idea to be structured when creating the posters with a student (so you don't waste time). When completed, you can save the photo as a jpeg on your computer, print, or share in other ways.

Here's one I whipped up in 10 min!

Language Lens
This tool could be used for self-description, say, in a pragmatics group, or to connect with curriculum content. Maybe make a movie poster about a book, with taglines requiring a persuasive reason to see the film. Taglines could also serve to convey a main idea about a curriculum topic that wouldn't normally be the subject of a blockbuster, like Gases: Without them you'd be breathless. I just made that up. Ha.

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