Friday, May 7, 2010

Doodle Scheduler

It's that time of year when SLPs in public schools everywhere are stuck in IEP meeting (scheduling) hell. One of my absolute least favorite things in life is attempting to synch people's schedules in order to schedule a meeting. In general, I hate calling people on the phone (hmmm, is that surprising for a techie?), and endless email volleys in which people often mistake by email 25 what someone said their availability was in email 3...maddening! Doodle scheduler offers a fresh, visual, streamlined approach to this horrible process. Once you have an account in Doodle, you set up a "poll" for your event with possible dates and times. You send the link to the meeting participants, and receive emails when they respond. All that is left to do is look at the overlapping times when everyone is available (hopefully) and send a confirmation email!

Doodle has a great tutorial on their site. This video is a bit hammy but nicely shows how to set up a scheduling poll and respond to one.

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