Monday, March 1, 2010

Virtual Smoothies!

The Smoothie Operator from Planet Science is a wonderful health and wellness activity that has instructional relevance for our students.

The activity allows you to add ingredients from 6 different categories (see, categories! e.g. fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat (!), starches, etc) and then blend your virtual smoothie to perfection as you listen to the sounds of some catchy Island tunes. You are then given an assessment of the healthiness of the smoothie in "main idea" and chart form.

Language Lens
  • The Smoothie Operator is a great way to teach/review food categories and subcategories.
  • Great causal and conditional sentence structures are triggered by what can happen if you don't close the lid of the blender, and of course by the results of the smoothie assessment- "It wasn't a great smoothie because you only added two ingredients."
  • With older students, this would be a good context to use a graphic organizer like the one seen here to track their choices.
  • Challenge students to make the healthiest or unhealthiest smoothie to work on those concepts and comparatives.
  • This could be a good context for procedural narrative writing, especially if followed by actual smoothie making if your district allows food sharing (mine didn't).


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