Saturday, March 27, 2010

Creeptastically Fun!

Some resources that are quite clearly ads can provide some terrific interactivity and learning potential. One of these is Old Navy's Supermodelquin Supersearch. The site allows you to mold yourself as a mannequin, select clothing, accessories, a background, type of script and a "line" to say in a virtual ad. You can download a screenshot of your model, use an email address to enter your ad into a contest and save it online. I have always found this ad campaign spooky and annoying, so it is nice to know that something good can come of it! This site might be up just for the length of the contest, so I would try it out soon...

Language Lens:
  • Essential descriptive skills and categories can be targeted with the face/body "molding" process as well as selection of clothing and background settings.
  • The site would be great fun with a pragmatic group as a sharing activity (probably if you have multiple laptops available) and also hits on topic maintenance as students get to create a "line" that flows in the conversation of the other mannequins.
  • The site allows you to rate other "ads", tapping some evaluative and discussion skills.

1 comment:

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